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There is no restriction on visiting the Beto Carrero World with pets being small and also must be worn collar. However, to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride, it is important to use appropriate accessories to transport these animals as bags that support the weight of the animal and strollers are examples of ease at the time of the ride. Owners should have local attention and concern regarding hygiene, safety and quiet. Remembering that in certain places like in concerts, food court and toys entrance is not allowed for safety reasons.

In our virtual store the reservations of lodging must be realized with the minimum of 72 hours in advance. If you wish to make the reservation with less time, you have to contact our Sales Center directly, by phone 47 3261-2222 to check availability.

Yes, but only upon presentation of the official authorization document. (Art. 82. The lodging of a child or adolescent in a hotel, motel, pension or similar establishment, unless authorized or accompanied by the parents or guardian is prohibited. (Law 8.069, of July 13, 1990 - Child and Adolescent Statute ) The authorization must be completed by one of the country with a notarized signature in a notary and / or juvenile court, the same (original) must be presented together with the original child's RG at the time of the hotel check-in, being only with these documents that the hotel will allow the child to stay without a parent.

Not at the moment, but there are numerous lodging options in the area. Hotels a few meters from the park and near the beach.
Access our online store and make your reservation!

For people aged 60 and over, the half-price discount on the full value of the passport is granted. To acquire the passport, the visitor must prove the age by presenting the original identity in the purchase and access ratchet to the Park. The discount does not apply to promotional rates.

We have special conditions for your group!
Please contact our sales center by phone (47) 3261-2222 or by e-mail

Yes, on open park days, the birthday of the day does not pay the passport to access the Park, by presenting the identity with the original photo. The original birth certificate will only be accepted as a voucher, for children up to 12 years.
On closed park days, the birthday party may come the day before or after the birthday of the park.
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Oferecemos o Fast Pass. Um serviço de acesso rápido às atrações mais procuradas pelos visitantes. Você adquirir uma pulseira individual e intransferível e da direito a acessos especiais nas atrações Fire Whip, Crazy River, Big Tower, Star Mountain, Dino Magic, Betinho Carrero 4D, Raskapuska e Auto pista, sendo 8 (oito) acessos especiais, 1 vez em cada um dos brinquedos descritos acima. Este produto tem venda limitada e a compra pode ser realizada antecipadamente em nosso Site, Chat Online, Redes Sociais ou com a Central de Vendas pelo fone (47) 3261-2222 e no dia a venda ocorre nos totens de auto atendimento, nas bilheterias e nas atrações onde utilizam este serviço.

Venda diária limitada.

Produto pago à parte, disponível para o público visitante interno do Parque.

Para pessoas com deficiência, mais de 60 anos ou gestantes não é necessário a compra do Fast Pass, pois os mesmos já possuem preferência nas filas dos brinquedos.

E para menores de 1,20m acompanhados de um responsável com a pulseira do Fast Pass, não é necessário adquirir este produto.

O Parque se reserva ao direito de suspender o funcionamento de qualquer brinquedo por determinação da equipe técnica de operações.

Este produto é um opcional, sendo necessário também adquirir o passaporte de entrada para utilização deste.

Caso alguma atração do Fast Pass esteja com as atividades suspensas , por razões técnicas ou climáticas, é permitido substituir a numeração deste equipamento por outro que ofereça o serviço.

* Verifique nosso calendário de manutenção.

* Valor sujeito a alteração sem prévio aviso

So that the visitor can know and enjoy all the attractions with more tranquility, the ideal is at least two days of visit to the park. Buy your passport of two days or the annual, in our site, social networks, online chat or through our Central of Sales by the phone (47) 3261-2222.

Beto Carrero World was inaugurated on December 28, 1991 as the largest and most complete entertainment world in Latin America. Conceived by the artist and businessman João Batista Sérgio Murad, within the standards and concepts of the best parks in the world.

It is installed in 14 million square meters in one of the most beautiful regions of the Brazilian coast, bringing together in one place moments of great joy and fun for all ages.

There is no place with so much diversity of attractions as a complete zoo, radical rides and for the whole family, incredible live shows besides train rides and lots of nature.

More than 100 amazing attractions as well as a full service structure, such as restaurants, coffee shops, ice cream parlors, coffee shops, bank 24h, comfort station, lost and found, parking, luggage storage, pharmacy, clinic, magazine stand, Griffe Beto Carrero and numerous shops of souvenirs.

All this to offer our visitors the best memories of their lives, with much comfort and convenience.

We wait for you!

The teachers of basic education (elementary and secondary education) of the State of Santa Catarina (legal basis - STATE LAW 16,448) are entitled to half entry.

The receipt of updated salary receipt and identification document must be presented for the concession of the half entry benefit. The documents must be presented both at the time of purchase and at the access entrance to the park.

The discounted passport can be purchased at the ticket office of the park, located at the Castle of Nations (park entrance) or through the Sales Office at (47) 3261-2222.

NOTE: Mentioned benefit under the law will not be cumulative with any other promotions and covenants and does not apply to the value of any additional services that may be offered.