Beto Carrero World The legendary story

There is no better example in Brazil to illustrate the maxim "Not knowing that it was impossible, he went there and did it" than the story of John Baptist Sérgio Murad, our Beto Carrero.

Poor boy, born in the interior of the state of São Paulo, the boy João Batista dreamed of being the Brazilian Zorro and working in an amusement park. Little did he know that his humble dreams would change over the years, and that he would build one of the largest multi-thematic parks in the world! He was a sertanejo musician, presenter in radio shows, ad salesman. Built with his entrepreneurship and relentless willpower an advertising agency that has become one of the 20 largest in Brazil. It was in this adventure by the advertising and publishing market that the character Beto Carrero was born, an homage to the father known as Alexandre Carrero, owner of a ox cart in his hometown. And it is with this soul of dreamer that Beto Carrero has become the hero that thousands of children want to be. Home


After a visit to Disney Park in the United States, the dreamer Beto Carrero decided to turn the dream into reality and build with its own resources the largest and most incredible multi-thematic park in Latin America. He sold all he had and acquired an area in the municipality of Penha, located in a beautiful part of the Santa Catarina coast. Today, calling Beto Carrero World amusement park is limiting the grandeur of the enterprise. And to check all this beautiful history of struggles and achievements, nothing better than a ride. So, come on. We are waiting for you.