Big Tower

Ícone de Altura mínima Minimum Height


Ícone de Tipo de atração Attraction Type


H Thematic Area

Hot Wheels

Ícone de Horário de funcionamento Schedules

De 10:00h to 19:00h

The Big Tower is one of the largest radical towers in the world

With 100 meters, the Big Tower is one of the biggest radical towers in the world! Its height is equivalent to a building of more than 30 floors. In the fall the elevator arrives at a speed of 120km / h. However, users of the attraction can rest assured that toy safety is guaranteed by the TUV (Technical Surveillance Organization) of Germany, according to the certificate issued to Beto Carrero World. The assembly of the Big Tower required the special displacement to Santa Catarina of a crane of Porto Alegre, that weighs approximately 200 tons. For brave adrenaline lovers it's quite a challenge.

Hot Wheels

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