Portal of Darkness

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A Thematic Area

Aventura Radical

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De 12:30h to 17:30h

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With terrifying scenarios, Portal da Escuridão is one of the most dreaded attractions!

Portal da Escuridão is an interactive attraction that will surely lead the public to know its own limits. With terrifying scenery and an imported technology packed with special effects, Portal da Escuridão is one of Beto Carrero World's most dreaded attractions. In the course of approximately 10 minutes, you will encounter strange live creatures like "Master", "Dracula", "Mad Doctor", "Possessed", "Bride" and many others that will surprise the audience by doing every crossed a new and exciting adventure. The challenge is coming! Come and check with your own eyes, the strange and until then unknown and feared world of these different creatures.

* Attraction paid separately.
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Minimum age allowed: 07 years.

Priority Service: Consult a direct monitor at the attraction.

Aventura Radical

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