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Privacy Policy

Dear visitor,

Carefully read the specifications below, in order to clarify all your doubts, and, at the end, sign this adjustment with us.

"Attention! In order to protect the smoothness of the operation and the safety of the user, the card that was used in the purchase may be requested at the time of consumption of the product or when requesting any changes."


1. Of the products offered:

1.1 Park access passports and optional attractions for a fee.

All park access passports purchased through the website have an expiry date, as well as information about the product and how to use it.

When choosing the park access passport and/or optional ticket, the buyer is responsible for registering the full name and document of everyone who will go to the people who will enjoy it. Once the purchase is made, the visitor must print the e-tickets or present them in PDF format on an electronic device, directly at the access turnstiles, together with an official photo document or birth certificate for children up to 12 years old. For optional tickets, it is essential to present the printed e-ticket to access the attraction.

To use the optional attractions that are located inside the park, it is necessary to purchase the access passport through the website or other sales platforms offered by Beto Carrero World, either at the box office or through accredited partners.

If you choose to purchase the Annual Passport, access is via a personalized photo card made on the 1st day of the visit with fingerprint capture (biometrics) enabling access on future visits, together with the card or through the Fila APP Virtual along with the personal identification document (printed or digital). In case of loss or misplacement of the card, the visitor must request the 2nd copy, upon payment of a fee directly at the park's ticket offices. The names of the visitors informed at the time of purchase can only be changed if the personalized card has not been made. The annual passport is valid for one year from the date of purchase of the product and is valid for use on all the park's operating days in its normal schedule. Please consult our operating calendar on the website.

1.2 Accommodation:

The information about the hotels/hostels, such as the location, services offered and other data disclosed about the product are general, serving as a reference for choosing the option.

Extra fees and expenses are not included in the online booking of accommodation and must be paid directly at the hotel.

In case of overbooking (full hotel), it will be up to the hotel to provide another accommodation option of the same or higher category without charge to the guest.

Check-in and check-out will be established according to the policy of each hotel and your information will be expressed in the establishment's information query as well as in the voucher. If you stay at the hotel after the scheduled check-out time, you will be charged a new night with payment at the hotel.

Regarding accommodation, the hotel can offer different accommodations such as: double apartment with a double bed or not; in case of special requests, they must be informed in the “Note” field of the purchase.

Name change is not allowed. This reservation is personal and, therefore, non-transferable. In case of no-show, when the guest does not show up at the hotel on the date of confirmation for his/her entry, the reserved apartment is automatically returned to the hotel's inventory, and may be resold at the hotel's discretion, without credit for the guest and without the possibility of of refunds.

We guarantee the value of the rate in force at the time of booking, with no refunds if the rate drops or extra charges in the case of an increase. Due to security policies, Beto Carrero World may contact the buyer by phone or email, confirming or requesting extra data, if necessary.

If you have minor children unaccompanied by their parents, specific laws must be observed, relating to the documents required for check-in at the hotel. Without this, the hosting will not be carried out. This formality aims to protect the child or adolescent. Be sure to consult the rules directly at the chosen hotel.

2. Order Cancellations and Changes:

2.1 In the case of access passports or optional tickets (no hotel in the order), the product may not have been used (in whole or in part) and the cancellation may be requested by the person responsible for the purchase within seven calendar days after the date of purchase, to the email to, not being accepted other means of cancellation requests; stating the order number and reason for cancellation.

It is not necessary to request the cancellation of the credit card with the operator, this will be carried out by Beto Carrero World, which will send the cancellation protocol to the visitor by e-mail. It will be up to the card administrator to reimburse the canceled amount to the creditor.

Change of visit date may occur upon payment of a fee, observing the expiry date of the passport and/or optional ticket, as well as the operating calendar of the Beto Carrero World Park, in case there is a disparity in the values ​​of the rates in force for the new date of the visit. visit must be paid this difference.

3. Accommodation Cancellations and Changes:

After payment of the order, the reservation can only be canceled by the park if the guest's request occurs seven days prior to the check-in date at the hotel/hostel, as well as within seven days of the purchase. , otherwise, non-attendance will result in “No show”.

Changes can be requested up to seven days before check-in (of the reservation made), via email to informing the reason for the change. If requested in a different period, the rules of the table contained in item 2 will be applied. If there is a difference in the value, this must be paid by the guest at the time of check-in. The change cannot be made if the reservation is for the following periods: New Year, Christmas, Carnival, High Season and Holidays.

The request for canceling the credit card with the operator, when applicable, will be carried out by Beto Carrero World, which will send the cancellation protocol to the visitor by e-mail. It will be up to the card administrator to reimburse the amount canceled with the card.

Make your purchases of Beto Carrero World products at official points and always pay attention to all instructions, we inform you that the published values ​​are subject to change without prior notice.

By using the services available on the website, the buyer demonstrates awareness of the terms and conditions of use, as well as acceptance of Beto Carrero World's limits of responsibilities and their own responsibilities.

4. From Travel Packages

4.1. Cancellations, Changes or Transfer by Customer

Cancellation is understood to mean the partial or total withdrawal of the contracted services, as well as date changes, even when a new period is requested; the non-attendance of the buyer and/or beneficiaries on the contracted date.

It must be requested by e-mail to, and other means of cancellation requests are not accepted; stating the order number and reason for cancellation..

In the above case, penalties will apply, which will be applied according to the advance notice with which they are communicated to the OPERATOR. In case of cancellation by the CLIENT, a contractual fine of a non-indemnity nature of 3% of the total value of the package will be charged, when the cancellation occurs less than 30 days before departure, or 10% of the total value of the package, when the cancellation occurs less than 15 days before departure, or, 20% of the total value of the package, when the cancellation occurs less than 7 days after departure, without prejudice to compensation for losses and damages that the cancellation may cause.

It is agreed from now on, that the OPERATOR is authorized to deduct from the amount of the transfer that it will carry out, such losses and damages. With the cancellation, the CLIENT will pay, as compensation for damages, any and all fees or fines charged by service providers that, directly or indirectly, participated in the business chain, such as, but not limited to: Transport, Accommodation and other service providers.

Due to contractual characteristics with third parties, some of these fees and/or fines may be applied in case of cancellation with more than 30 days prior to the start of the services. In the event of cancellation after the start of the trip, the OPERATOR will return only the amounts it can recover from the service providers/suppliers involved.

It is confirmed by the CUSTOMER, that he is aware that the contractual price, divided based on each of the costs, to all suppliers that will effectively provide services in this contract. This demonstrates that such amounts will not remain solely and exclusively to the OPERATOR. After calculating the penalties/fines, if there is a balance, it will be returned to the CLIENT in national currency or by depositing it in a current account, within 30 days from the date of the cancellation request, under penalty of competent action.

4.2. Children's Policy

For 01 (one) child up to 1 (one) year and 11 (eleven) months on the date of departure, the package will be free. It is necessary to inform in the note of the package at the time of purchase the date of birth (day/month/year) and full name of the child.

Babies of this age will be carried on their laps both on the plane and on transfers and tours. The hotel may provide a crib according to availability or in case the crib is not available, the baby can sleep in the same bed as the parents/guardians.

It is allowed 01 (one) baby up to 1 (one) year old, for 02 (two) or 03 (three) adults in the same package/apartment. - Children up to 03 (three) years old may have special prices, consult the conditions with the Beto Carrero World Sales Center by phone: (47) 3261-2222 or via email, when not mentioned different prices in the package or have questions. - Children from 04 (four) years old to 09 (nine) years old may have different prices depending on the package and conditions according to hotels and other suppliers and services of the package, consult the conditions with the Beto Carrero World Sales Center by phone: (47) 3261-2222 or by e-mail when different prices are not mentioned in the package or if you have questions. Importantly, the special conditions of children's values, are considering the age of the child in the total period of the package, that is, until the day of return/end of the trip and services. Different pricing conditions for children may vary according to the package, occupancy of the apartment, number of accompanying adults, total number of adults and children in the same package, agreements and promotions between the operator and suppliers and other variables. Consult the rules and possibilities of fitting a child in special and promotional prices. In many cases, children may have the same values ​​as adults. - In the case of minor children traveling, check the documentation requirements for air boarding and hotel accommodation, required by law.

4.3. Vouchers

Travel documents and vouchers will be sent by email up to 5 days before the departure date.

4.4. Documentation

Passengers are fully responsible for personal documentation, original, recent, in good condition and valid, visas, vaccines, health certificates, and travel authorization for minors, among others. The impossibility of boarding any type of transport or performing any of the services, be it accommodation, tours, tickets and others; generated by the absence, bad condition or tampering of the documentation or if it is illegible, torn, tampered with, erased or invalid, it will characterize the cancellation of the trip, with the penalties being applied according to the table in item 2.

Likewise, it is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the purchaser and his companions, on their health conditions, as well as recovery, and it is not up to them to claim damages resulting therefrom. It is up to the CLIENT to obtain information about the necessary documentation for his/her trip, from the Competent Bodies. - Mandatory original identity document (RG) of all passengers, including children (of any age) for travel and required to perform all package services. In the case of smaller children traveling, check the documentation requirements for air boarding and accommodation.

If you have minor children unaccompanied by their parents, the rules and laws regarding documents required for check-in at the hotel must be observed. Without this, the hosting will not be carried out. This formality aims to protect the child or adolescent.

For more information about online purchases, contact us by phone (47) 3261-2222 or by email at