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Bubble Adventure - BCW - Acima de 03 anos - Até 70 Kg

Bubble Adventure is a different sensation where the person inside a transparent bubble can walk, jump or even relax on the water.

R$40,00 or 5x in R$8,00

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Beto Carrero World

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Located inside Beto Carrero World, available upon purchase of the Park access passport.


Opening hours from 9 am to 6 pm. Restrictions: Children under 3 years old and people over 70kg. Tour time: 05 minutes. Entrance to the attraction with Horror Makeup and wet clothes is not allowed.


Allowed age: over 3 years old up to 70kg (child or adult) style="color:red">• Important: For security reasons, at any time, in the case of a non-face-to-face transaction, a photo on the front and back of the original document with a photo and a selfie of the card holder holding the same document. • Check out our working calendar click here. • Attention: The company reserves the right to change the number and hours of attractions and electronic equipment for reasons of safety, weather conditions or force majeure without prior notice. Check out our maintenance calendar clicking here.

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