Beto Carrero World Spots for support and services

Beto Carrero World offers a varied gastronomy. Throughout the park, you will find dining locations ranging from tasty snacks to ice cream, popcorn, treats, and themed restaurants serving German, Italian, or Mexican cuisine. Everything to satisfy your hunger with great flavor while you have fun here, just take your pick!

Please note that bringing in outside food or beverages is not permitted. In case of dietary restrictions, we advise you to present a medical certificate confirming your needs directly at the access turnstiles. This way, you can bring in your own food for consumption.


Parking inside the park, next to the Castle of Nations, with insurance against robbery and fire. Service paid separately.

Scooter VIP

Visitor will be able to ride this motorized vehicle with much more comfort and convenience. For everyone's safety, the Scooter reaches a maximum speed of 4km/h, which is more or less a person walking speed. The vehicle is battery powered and the visitor can ride through the day. On rainy days it can also be used. You must be 18 or older to ride/drive. The rental is per day, made only at the entrance to the Park, with payment methods in cash or debit card.

Health and Hygiene

The park has a pharmacy and ambulatory with permanent medical care, which has two ambulances to attend any emergency that occurs within the limits of the park. Also available is the baby sitter with all the structure for baby care.


With several stores in the park, Beto Carrero´s brand offers different types of souvenirs.


For moving arround of children up to 20kg, the Supercarrinhos is a great option. The child can pedal or be taken by the dads and moms, the fun will be guaranteed. The rental is per day, performed only at the place at the entrance of the Park, and the forms of payment in cash or debit card.

Beto Carrero World OTHER SERVICES

Bradesco Bank

Open from Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 3 pm, the bank is located inside the Castle of Nations.

Commercial spots

Are diverse stores selling candy, snacks, beverages, clothing and souvenirs for the whole family.


The park is not responsible for objects left inside toys and other areas. Look for the luggage storage at the Castle of Nations. Service paid separately.


The Park offers WHEELCHAIRS service FREE OF CHARGE and must be requested at the lockers, located after the park's entrance. The service is free, but there is a limited quantity. To get the wheelchair, the visitor fills out a form and leaves R$ 50.00 guarantee. At the end of the day, the visitor returns the chair and takes the money back.

Another option is the SCOOTER VIP. The price and forms of payment must be verified directly at the park.

Lost and found

Use the locker service at the Castle of Nations but, if you have lost any object in the Park, go to the lost and found until the end of the day to verify that your belongings have been found and if you find any object that does not belong to an employee of the nearest Park, so that the employee can refer to the lost and found.

Cell Phone Recharge

Check on map the attractions places to get recharge or check our service desk in the Park.

BB, Caixa and 24H ATMs

The ATMs are located inside the Castle of Nations.

Photo Service in Attractions

In most of the attractions of the Park you will find the photography service, where the photo is taken during the tour, and that later can be acquired by the visitor as a reminder of these moments. Service paid separately.

Self-Service Terminals

Besides the box office, can the visitor purchase tickets to access the Park at the self-service terminals located inside the Castle of Nations? Gateway to the Park. Only credit and debit cards with a password are accepted.

Fast Pass

For visitors wishing to have faster access to some attractions, the Park offers the sale of this new service, known worldwide in amusement parks and well accepted by visitors.

The Fast Pass is available for some attractions such as FireWhip, Big Tower, Star Mountain, Betinho 4D Cine, DinoMagic Tour, Raskapuska, Freeway and the Madagascar Crazy River Adventure. The number of bracelets sold is limited.

The visitor can purchase the bracelet anticipated on site at the self-service desk, in the box office of the Castle or in the points of sale located in the attractions that accept the Fast Pass, with the exception of the DinoMagic and Autopista.

Temporary exit

Temporary exit is a service that allows visitors to leave the Park and return within 20 minutes. After the time limit, you can enter the Park again by purchasing a new access passport. Remembering that visitors will find numerous food outlets throughout the complex, as well as complementary services such as luggage storage, pharmacy, clinic, shops, among others. Everything to ensure that our visitors make the most of their day and do not need to leave the Park.