Bubble Adventure

Working Hours
  • Schedule: De 09:00h to 18:00h
Optional extra paid

Attraction Restrictions
  • Minimum age allowed
    Minimum age
    Minimum age 3 years
  • Wait for Monitor Orientation
    Wait for Monitor Orientation
    To enter or exit the attraction, wait for the monitors

Fun for the whole family!

Bubble Adventure is a different sensation where the person, inside a transparent bubble, can walk, jump or even relax on the water.

Attraction for people up to 70kg.

Optional attraction: Acquire your ticket on-site .
Located within the Beto Carrero World, available upon purchase of the park access passport.

Beto Carrero World

WHERE IS Bubble Adventure

Attention: The company reserves the right to change the number and time of shows and electronic equipment due to safety or climatic conditions. Check out the ride maintenance calendar here . On these dates the trations will not be open for use.