Beto Carrero World FAQ
Do I need a smartphone with the app to use the service?
Yea! Fastpass service will only be available with smartphone usage. However, in special cases, you can use the paper ticket to access the attractions.
What options can I register in the BCW Queue Virtual application?
All options available on the date of your visit, such as parking, Fast Pass, Excalibur and others.
How many people can use the Fast Pass on the same smartphone?
Through the Virtual Fila Application, it is possible to register up to 06 Fast Pass, one for each visitor in your group. Remember that each visitor has an access passport and a personal, non-transferable fast pass.
How does Fast Pass work through the app?
You must register each visitor's Fast Pass ticket in your virtual queue application. When using your ticket at the attraction, simply present your mobile phone with the QR Code to the operator at the head of the line.
If you bought a combo for more than one person, all must have their passports individually registered in the BCW Fila Virtual APP.
What is BCW Virtual Queue?
It is an application for Android smartphones and iPhone that can be downloaded for free and that entitles you to the service of scheduling a time for up to 03 attractions of Beto Carrero World, except for the optional attractions paid separately.
How is the appointment made for children under five who do not pay a passport?
Children under five years old can accompany the responsible APP user.
I bought with a travel agency, can I use the APP?
To use the APP, you will need to pick up your ticket at our box office beforehand.
Does the park provide Wi-Fi to use the app?
No, to use the service you will need to have a mobile network on your smartphone.
After my appointments are used, can I go on other rides?
Yes, the park has conventional lines for all attractions.
Can birthdays of the day use the Virtual Fila APP?
Yes, birthdays of the day can use our Virtual Queue service in the same way.
I changed my phone number I used to schedule. And now?
Don't worry, contact our service channels to request a phone change. Remember that you will lose appointments already made and will have to reschedule with the new phone number, subject to availability.
I won't be able to go on the scheduled day. What to do?
In this case, you can change the visit date through the APP. If there is a problem during the process, just contact our service channels and request a change in the visit date. Remember that you will miss your scheduled appointments and will have to reschedule for the new date, subject to availability in the new period.
I have the annual passport, how do I schedule the virtual queue of the 03 attractions?

With the annual passport it is possible to schedule 3 visits in advance. Then choose the attraction and select the date of visit. Ready, schedule the other attractions and come have fun!
Consigo agendar a fila virtual para quantas pessoas?
Você poderá cadastrar no seu APP até 10 passaportes, podendo agendar a fila virtual para até 10 pessoas.
Se eu cadastrar as 3 atrações, posso mudar depois?
Após finalizar o seu agendamento no aplicativo, só poderá ser realizado o cancelamento com 1h antes do horário agendado. Após cancelar já será possível agendar outras atrações que possuem disponibilidade para se divertir!
What is the difference between Fast Pass and Virtual Queue?
The Fast Pass is a paid service (optional) that you can purchase through the official sales channels of Beto Carrero World or buy it on the day of your visit. It gives access to the 6 main attractions of the park. The Virtual Fila APP is free and you can schedule up to 03 attractions that are available, without taking the conventional queue.
What if the attraction I booked has technical issues?
You will be notified on your smartphone and receive a new credit if your schedule is affected by the technical problem, with the credit you will be able to schedule a new option, as long as there is availability. Remembering that to receive the notification you need to be connected to the internet.
Is it possible to reschedule an attraction that I missed the time I booked?
As the number of places per attraction is limited, if you miss the time, you will not be able to reschedule.
How many spaces are available for attractions?
The number of spaces available may vary depending on the attraction and other park operating criteria. Therefore, there is no set number of spaces for each attraction or day of visit.
How many days in advance can I schedule appointments?
Schedules for scheduling are released 05 days in advance of your visit date. Spaces for attractions are released in limited quantities, every day, 05 days before the visit, until the day of your visit. So even if you can't schedule today, new spots will be released tomorrow.
After I use the 03 appointments, can I make any more?
No, the service offers up to 03 appointments per passport.
How many attractions can be registered in the BCW Queue Virtual app?
You can schedule time at up to 03 (three) attractions for each member of the group, who has acquired the Beto Carrero World passport.
Can I schedule for everyone in my family or group?
Yes, as long as the passport of all group members is registered in your application.
What do I need to use the service?
To use the service, you need an Android smartphone or iPhone with internet access and a valid phone number in the national territory.
Is the service paid?
The service is free for all visitors who have acquired the Beto Carrero World passport, either through official or authorized sales channels. You must have a smartphone with internet access.
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