Beto Carrero World FAQ
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The following attractions are included in the passport:

House of Mirrors, House of Mirrors, Treasure Hut, Sailor's Tavern, Pirate's Galleon, Pirate's Boat, Lighthouse, Carousel, Baby Elephant, Pedal Boat, Giant Wheel, Wacky Cups, Motorway, Kid Play, Horse World, Tigor Moutain, Bandstand Germanic, Castle of the Nations, Betinho Carrero 4D, Venetian Carousel, Events Square, Raskapuska, Dum Dum Roller Coaster, Pegasus Maze, Indigenous Village, Cavalry, Fort Poplar, Giant Boot and Hat, Horse Riding, Ponies and Horses Ride, Memorial Beto Carrero, Zoo, Monkey Island, Catwalk, Serpentarium, Lion's Watch, Giraffe House, Villa Esperanza Train, Magic World of Birds, Secret Garden, Star Moutain, Firewhip, Tchibum, Big Tower, Dinomagic, Madagascar Crazy River Adventure, Photos with Dream Works Characters, Shows (except Excalibur) and outpatient.


13h: Hot Wheels Epic Show
2:00 p.m.: Aqua
3pm: Madagascar Circus Show
6pm: The Cowboy Dream.

The following attractions are included in the passport: NO

Acqua Boat, Adventure Kids, Zen Space, Bubble Adventure, Games, Kart, Extreme Kids, Drop Kids, Super Cars, Karting Track, Helicopter Tour (Time Maintenance, Portal of Darkness, Excalibur, Baggage Holders, Electric and Baby Carriages, Fast Pass, Guaranteed Access, Souvenirs and Food.

Some of these options such as: Helicopter Tour, Kart, Super Cars, Excalibur (show with lunch), Portal of Darkness, Fast Pass, and Guaranteed Access are available in our virtual shop on the "optional" tab. Already the others, can be purchased directly on the spot on the day of your visit.

The company reserves the right to change the number and timing of presentations and electronic equipment for reasons of security or force majeure.